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Helico is enabling the next generation of biologics using plant-based production

Helico is enabling the next generation of biologics using plant-based production of high-quality, environmentally-safe compounds. Our vision is to become a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company that improves access to therapies where there are global supply shortages or unmet production needs. Our work evolves in the area of advanced computational science and plant biology, leading to expression and the production of proteins, antibodies, and enzymes in host plants. Our business model aims to develop plant-based, stable production lines, delivering rapid, scalable eco-friendly commercial Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) services in confined greenhouses that can be implemented anywhere in the world using conventional agriculture, without specialised staff or high capital expenditure.

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Our process follows rigorous multidisciplinary science

First, we assess the compound of interest using Helico’s proprietary computational algorithms. Specifically trained on biological data, the model greatly speeds up geneticwork in plants. The target is then evaluated in the lab with HTS models based on transient expression. Once the target is validated, we move to the generation of stable lines, the final deliverable. What’s more, we’re developing extraction and purification methods to achieve the best commercial yields based on our clients' specifications.


Power of Computing

Simulation on computers means less experimentation on living organisms

Target Molecule

in silico screening

In silico screening


Speed of Discovery

Targeted experiments in biolab validates computational models

In vitro characterisation


Scalability & Accessibility

Plants as the production model makes scalability easy and adaptable

Novel variety


Molecule Purification

Simplified processed to be adaptable worldwide

Extraction Process


Computational Biology

Screening & Selection

Employing mutational screening algorithms, we aim to predict the best method for plant-based production via novel biochemical pathways in the plant environment.

Plant Biology

Transient Expression

We do wet lab experiments to validate the expression of the molecule of interest in plants. Our development time is comparable to the work done on yeast and bacterial platforms.

Synthetic Plant Biology

Development of stable line models include: 

  • Selection of the best host, cellular compartment and timeline for expression
  • Optimisation of plant physiology to improve growth rate, plant tissue mass and target molecular yield
  • Continuous improvement of seed bank
  • Recommendations for mass production
Downstream processes

Extraction & Purification

We are collaborating with partners to develop tailor-made extraction and purification technologies.


Helico is designing computational and plant models to bring our clients’ targets through a successful manufacturing process:

  • Physics-based modeling of biological systems
  • Large-scale in-silico screening
Data pipeline
  • Custom data architecture
  • Continuous improvement model
Process engineering
  • Downstream processing
  • Optimised growing environment
Synthetic design
  • Vector edsign
  • In-vivo screening
Plant metabolism
  • Unique metabolic pathways
  • Chemical compartments
Plant physiology
  • Plant morphology
  • Developmental control

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